If you’re here, then you are interested either in diabetes or crankiness.  I’ll do my best to pique or satisfy your curiosity for both.

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes my senior year in college. (I won’t give dates, but it was soon before the advent of recombinant DNA human insulin.)  That diagnosis turned my life upside down because my chosen career path was suddenly closed to me.

Life doesn’t much let us wallow in self-pity for long, and after getting my bearings set, I went forward.  Since then I have literally traveled around the world in various jobs, and thanks to a lot of innovations during my adult life, diabetes hasn’t stood (much) in my way.

Nonetheless, there is much to be cranky about in this world (and not just about diabetes), and so I am writing this blog.

Comments welcome, though, in the interest of enforced good manners, I’ll be curating them.


Don Hannaford